Newsletter #5 | #designimpactslives

Have you heard the news??

We’ve! Like, follow our NEW Facebook Page and behind the scenes on Instagram for all the upcoming events and happenings of the Maryland chapter! There are alot of great upcoming events, we don’t want you to miss out!!

Incoming Maryland Board recently went to the Leadership Experience 2017 in San Diego, California! Soaking up some sun and learning how to best serve our designers and Industry Partners. Check out a quick recap from our incoming Board…

“To me, The Leadership Experience is not just about board member training, but more importantly networking with other boards and industry professionals across the nation. It is one of the only times that you have designers from around the country coming together to share their experiences in a vast range of interior design niches. Not only was the location beyond breathtaking but the energy from the speakers, conference leaders, and attendees was unmatched. Being the first year that this conference was open to the public, it encouraged mingling outside of your individual chapter. This also brought in a breadth of speakers and topics that were relevant to leadership, but also to bettering your practice and self as a designer on a local and global scale. We are excited to have The Leadership Experience in our backyard next year, as the conference will be hosted in Washington D.C. Looking forward to the year to come, and serving you all as Membership Chair!  

– Lindsay Jones | Membership Director  (Incoming)


“Design impacts lives...the message throughtout The Leadership Experience that ties the mission of ASID all together. It’s a message that we should be talking about more with our colleagues, industry, community and the Marylad chapter is going to be vocalizing it! There was so much energy and passion in the attendees to lead their chapters in a way that brings the focus of sustainability to our members, innovative technology, education and tools to grow our businesses. As designers, we need to be growing with the ever evolving technology and way that we communicate.”  

–  Leah Havens | Communications Director (Incoming)


 “I loved the Keynote Speaker Nancy Giordano’s, a strategic futurist, talk about The Case for Disruptive Thinking.  She talked about the future of our world in design with technology and how to work as a designer within that world.  She encouraged me to think ahead about how new technology will effect the design industry and the working environment.  There is a great need to bring people together and to be able to connect in a working atmosphere. As well as new ways of living in a high tech dwelling and adapting new design to it and to reinvent ways of leading people through design with new components of telecommunications.  I had a wonderful time and I’m excited to attend the next Leadership Experience!”  

–  Shelly Appet | Professional Development Director (Incoming)


“Lead by Example, Leaders are humble, they make others shine..My focus for ASID MD is TEAM.. T (together), E (everyone), A(achieves), M(more)…Board means TEAM” 

- Rose Dubina | President Elect (Incoming)




“At the ASID Leadership Conference I so enjoyed hearing from other ASID chapter leaders about how to help students in their paths to interior design careers.  For student chapter leaders, simple actions, like adding notes of encouragement to new member student swag bags, can go a long way.  I also encourage our student members to attend events open to all ASID Maryland members so that they can connect with professionals in the industry.  I’d like to make it my goal as Student Representative to the Board to establish ongoing relationships between professionals and students in dual-mentorship type environments.  We all have something to learn from one another.  Finally, I would like to hear more feedback from our students on how ASID can work for them.  I look forward to a successful year!” 

- Kristy Wallace | Student Representative To The Board (Incoming)


“This was the first year ASID National combined three of their major conferences to create an experience unparalleled to anything else.  Its purpose to bring together emerging professionals, advanced practitioners, and chapter leaders to create an inclusive and interactive setting where people from all over the country could come together and collaborate.  It was truly a rewarding experience that I hope more people can take advantage of; especially since it will be held in our backyard in 2018!  It’s an opportunity to learn from experts and to learn from your peers.  I know I left The Leadership Experience with thoughts and ideas that I am implementing today in my own career and as a member of the board.”   

- Kirsten Gable | Finance Director (Current)



Leadership conference provides a wonderful opportunity for networking on a national level.  It also provided the chance for the incoming MD board to bond, collaborate and begin the planning process for the upcoming year.  

As incoming MD president I especially enjoyed learning along side other leaders, gaining insights to how they run their chapters and gaining some knowledge on best practices to implement this year.”

- Kim Morrison | President (Incoming)